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Paul Anka - You Are My Destiny

Letra y acordes de You Are My Destiny

(Lyric and chords by Paul Anka)

SOLm        MIb             RE7
Destiny...  you're my destiny...

                     SOLm                            DOm
You are my destiny, you share my reverie
                       DOm         RE7
You are my happiness...
                        SOLm  DOm RE7
that's what you are.

You have my sweet caress..,
you share my loneliness.
                         DOm                   RE7
You are my dream come true...
                        SOLm  DOm SOLm
that's what you are.

RE7                SOLm
Heaven and Heaven alone..
 RE7                               SOLm
can take your love from me.
           DOm                  SOLm
Cause I'd be a fool to ever leave you, dear.
             LA7             RE7
and a fool I'd never be.

                      SOLm                           DOm
You are my destiny.., you share my reverie.
                            DOm            RE7
You're more than life to me...
                          SOLm           RE#7
that's what you are.

                     SOL#m               DO#m
You are my destiny, you share my reverie.
                             DO#m           RE#7
You're more than happiness...
that's what you are.

      DO#m  SOL#m
My destiny.
Transcripción x javi29

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